Clincher rim are the bike rims you rode as a kid.

They have an outer “carcass” made for whatever type bike they need to be.  The name  comes from the fact that these tires “clinch” to the rim of the is to clinch to it.

wheel with a bead of hard rubber.  Like a car tire, a clincher has an open bottom, and the only way it stays on the rim is to clinch to it.

It  needs an innertube in order to operate.  The tube is what holds the air, and creates solid pressure against the tire.  When you pump air into a clincher tire, you are really pumping air into the tube.  The tire just sits on top of the tube.

For novice mechanics, clincher wheels and tires are easy to change, repair, and maintain. Most recreational riders won’t need anything more complicated than a clincher setup.

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