One piece mold

PMI Structure


Light Weight

Sandwich structure


Basalt brake

Asymmetric rim


Our rim is designed aim to reduce the drag and resulting an optimal airflow around the rim to make you ride faster with less drag,the shape will enable the airflow around the tire and rim easily pass the leading edge and edge of the tire.
We believe our rims offer a good aerodynamic performance better than most  available on the market!


High qaulity material is the basis of a high quality product,that’s why we only use Toray carbon fiber.A combination of T700 and T800 is what we use to build rims.Using the best lay up to make most use of both advantage to achieve best stiff,durable,light weight. 

You will find it so impressive once you take the first looking at Zen rims!

Sandwich Structure

Common feature of sandwich structure is a lightweight thick core,included between two thin stiff skins.UD carbon fiber have lower strenth but higher thickness which provides high bending stiffness and an overall low density.

This special structure allows to reduce  weight without compromising stiffness, this helps hand-build rims with improved performances.Lighter rim weight results in improved riding handling,response and control,while the wheel stiffness assures a better interaction between the tire and the ground.

As the carbon fiber hold the tension very well,we mix different angles fiber to a uniform material to archieve a stiff enough and strong performance.

Basalt brake surface

Heat build-up caused by long braking has been a always technical issue for clincher rims over the  carbon rims history . Carbon composites do not transfer heat away from the braking surface as well as Alumimun.That’s why basalt bake surface born.

The Basalt brake surface improves the friction, wear resistance and heat resistance (braking testing can do 280 degress)of the braking surface.The  high temperature resistance  basalt material covers  the carbon fiber surface with special process, bring a  better braking performance and avoid melt when long time braking during the downhill.

Carbon spoke

Carbon fibre spokes have excellent strength weight ratio weighing,just 2.6g per spoke,super light,super stiff,and better strength transfer,aerodynamic profile for decreased air resistance.

Our fatory produce variety size spokes ourselfs,anytime you need some to replacement please contact us.

Asymmetric rim design

The asymmetric design of the Control rim offers some subtle but important benefits.The optimized asymmetric profile that significantly equalizes the spoke tesions between drive and non-dive sides,the end result is a wheel that is stronger, laterally stiffer, more durable.

No - painting finish

No painting carbon you see is as it came out of the mold. This technology we applied for Mtb mold can saves us up to 20g per rim, This is an obscenely light weight you could image about mountain bike rims,lightest 360g.

Spoke hole enhanced

We apply more layers around spoke bed to ensure the rims will not be damaged, if a spoke brakes. Allows a better spoke tension. You have a light rims also stiff.Rims are capable of with standing a spoke force of 350kgf.

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