“Tirelessly pursuit perfection,leading carbon bike revolution.”



Moo Mu



Our Belief

"Zen means the balance of different elements built into one wheel. Zen is, when you focus on your direction when riding and Zen is the aim that we always pursue."

Our founder

Mr Moo has over twenty years of experience from the most famous carbon bike parts factories in China and he has secured several patents in this area.

Our factory

Zen Carbon Bike Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that aims to develop, manufacture and sell carbon fiber bicycle parts straight from the factory. The main focus is on carbon rims, wheels, handlebars and other smaller components.

We are passionate about technological innovation and our goal is to supply our customers with high quality carbon bike parts on the most affordable price. We are happy to design as your requirements as we are in charge of every step of the production thus we can assure the quality along the way.

We have a mold house department with a R&D team that consist world-class engineers from the bicycle industry including designers and material scientists also 8 production lines, modern paint workshop, QC team and a test center.

The test center is well equipped with the most advanced equipment in order to test every single product to their limit and above. The standard for testing is according to EN regulations but to be on the safe side we test all our products with a 20% extra load to guarantee the rider’s safety.

We’re always looking for new business partner,we are open to OEM/ODM,we can work together to open a new mold,design your decal and package,not only bike parts but any else you think about that can be build by carbon fiber,you’ll find us is the best to satisfy your need,and get ever-good service here!

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