We test  the product according the highest testing standards to ensure the products are extremely safe.

Vertical test

We test raw rim after drilling on the Universal Testing Machine which have a rigid base and a clamper to hold the rim,firstly make the valve hole vertial to impact positon,the impression fixture will impact the rim vertially on a speed of 10mm/min till the rim can’t bear.For road rim,the standard max load is above 300kgf,for MTB rims it is 250kgf.

Lateral test

Lateral test aim to predict the performance in different riding conditions,a high lateral stiffness will bring a sharp handling and a good force tranfer.For different type rims require a different level lateral stiffness.

Let’s see how do we test:

Lay the rim flat,and clamp the valve hole, the test position is opposite the valve hole and extanding 300mm vertcially,then impact the rim on a speed of 20mm/min,when the max load up to 50kgf(for example,there’s a standard sheet for variety type) without broken is qualified.

Spoke hole test

Spoke hole is a key area need a special reinforce as it bear the big tension from spokes.If it’s not strong engough the rim is easily cracked.

Let’s see how do we test:

Firstly clamp the rim firmly on the base,rim position depends on the angle of spoke hole.Then the above steel clamper  will pull the spoke vertically upward on a 5mm/min speed,when force up to 350kgf without a rim crack is qualified.

Finally  each spoke  can bear a maximum tesion of 120kgf.

Baking performance test

Brake surface is a weak area as heat build-up after long braking, we use speical matieral  which can bear high tempreture up to 280 degree to solve it.

Here is a test sample :

Conditions:  wheelset is qualified in wheel building test and spoke tension test,tire pressure 120psi,load 68kg,speed on 12.5km/h,and assembled with suitable brake pads.


1)Hold the wheel on machine and lock  the quick release

2)start machine,set a braking  force of  10kgf ,80s as a circle,and countinue 3 circle/or the tempreture of brake surface up to 280 degree but still working well is qualified.

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