Disc brakes allows you to feather the brakes, and apply them lightly, hard, or somewhere in between. You can apply them gradually or you can apply them full-stop, if something jumps onto the road in front of you.

They are not only  brakes powerful, but they also require much less force to be applied at the lever.As a result, it is a great feature for kids, beginner-level and older riders.

Disc brakes perform well in bad weather conditions, such as rain, sleet, and mud.  This is one of the biggest reasons that cyclists choose disc brakes , especially during winter.

Off-road riders ( from mountain bikers and cyclo-cross racers to gravel enthusiasts and bikepackers) ,all  love disc brakes because they allow for wider rims and more tyre clearance. Without the need for a brake caliper, there is more room for the wheel.

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